1. Only persons conforming to the orginizer's terms
are allowed to participate in the race
2. Every racer must fill in and sign personally a declaration for agreement with
the organizer's terms and the rules.
3. Every racer receives an individual racing number and passport which
are an integral part during the race.
4. The racer is obliged to take care of his passport and to show it
at each pass control. The pass controls, sealing the passports, are with distinctive signs and at places announced by the organizer in advance.
5. The racers do not have the right to turn off the marked for the race road.
6. Resting is possible aside the road,  in order not to disturb not the other racers.
7. The organizer's, referee's and controls' decision can not be contested.
8. Never mind the road hindrances, the racing time of
all participants is running without interruption.
9.It is obligatory that participants use gloves and helmets. The participant is excluded
from the race without them and is not allowed in.
10. It is forbidden to race naked (no requirements for the equipment).
11. It is obligatory traffic regulations to be observed.
12.The use of any narcotic and alcohol substances is forbidden during the race. The winners (first-third place) and three racers, chosen at random, will pass a doping control test.
13. The movement of racers on the route during the competition, not conforming to the organizer's terms, is forbidden.
14.For indecent racer's or his attendants' behaviour the same racer is disqualified and is sanctioned 50 leva.
15. The racer manages with all technical damages of his bike ( tyre punctures etc.) and goes on further with the race. Carrying the bike to the end stage will be also considered as finish, but time is running and there is a possibility the pass controls to be missed. In such case the racer is removed from the competition.
16.The racer may look for his coleagues' help, but their time is also running. In case the racer looks for organizer's or pass controls' technical assistance, the same racer will be disqualified.
17.In case that medical attendance is needed, additional actions will be performed by the X controls, the organizer or the Mountain Resque Service.
18. The start at all stages will be simultaneous. The competition will be Explorist 600..
19.Persons under the age of 18 , must show a written agreement from the person's parents for participation in the race. Otherwise  those persons will be not allowed to participate in the race, because of security reasons.
20. Persons under the age of 16 participate only with an attendant in a team. Individual participation is not allowed
21. In case of racer's rejection for continuing or a big technical damage, the referees, controls and the organizer must be informed immediately. The racer will be disqualified. If this rule is not observed, the sanction will be 30 levs.
22. Carrying clothes, spare tyres, parts and other stuff on the route, is allowed to be performed only personally by the racer and in a rucksack.
23.If one of the two participants in a team is disqualified from the race or quits, the team will fall apart and does not enter the team finals and rankings. The other racer has the right to continue individual racing but as a sanction an extra hour is added to his final time, no matter what the reason for his team mate disqualification is.
 24. The ranking is individual and by teams, as the racers from the team do not enter the individual ranking.
25. Ranking of a team is performed only after finish of all two members,
 less than 2 minutes. If the judges and controls register a difference more than 2 minutes the team falls apart and does not enter the team ranking. The team should move together all the time.
26.All racers from the divided teams can continue racing and participate in the individual ranking too, as each one of the team -mates is sanctioned with an extra hour, added to his final time The individual rank is in three categories: teenagers (girls and boys), men, women and veterans. Persons under 16 are allowed to participate only at teams with an attendant and enter only team ranking. If a team, where one of the team mates is under 16, falls apart, both of the racers will be disqualified.
27. Stopping at the pass controls is obligatory. The controls will be at the announced before start places in a concrete time period. If the racer does not enter the control during this period, he will be disqualified from the race, but is obliged to reach the base and to inform the referees and the organizer.Otherwise he will be sanctioned 30 levs.
28."X" controls will be placed at not known places along the route. They will supervise for keeping the rules and terms and will write down racers numbers and the time of each racer.It is not necessary for the racer to stop.
29.The disqualified and quitted racers have to continue riding to the next base or turn back to the previous one. They lose their right to continue racing to the end of the route. They are transported to the base either riding or with the help of the organizer. If they want, they welcome the finalists..
30. At final the racer gives his passport with all seals and times counterred by the controls, which certifies his right to enter the ranking.
32. For not observing the rules and violation of one of the sections, the racer
is disqualified immediately and he could be sanctioned up to 100 levs.

Additional Regulations

- The route will be marked with significant and announced in advance signs. The dangerous
passages will be marked with signal sign "!".
- If there is no sign for change, the racer must cycle straight forward.
"X" controls disqualify the racer.
- The racers have the right to be escorted by personal cars and to receive technical help by them or the organzier only after the end of a racing stage. The cars and the attendants can meet and expect the racers only at a base.

- Each racer must race and finish with the bike he has started the race with.
- The organizer does not take any responsibility for a bicycle damage during the race and the harms for the racer due to this damage, also for incidents, due to not using personal protection equipment.

- All services, except these, included in the fee, are paid additionally and on the spot.
- The organizer reserves his right for unessential changes and additions regarding the race, also as for changing the start place and date under extreme circumstances.

- The temporary ranking is announced at the end of each day.
- Winners announcing will be performed after the last racer's finish.
- The ceremony of awarding is an act, which requires your presence

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