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• Profit Club – Business club for PR, advertising, business contacts and preferential services. Successful combination between useful and pleasant. Business parties and entertainments with a glass of whiskey, Cuban cigar and magic dances at the sounds of musical virtuosos.
• Full advertising service – the advertisement, which leads to real clients. PR events, printed and electronic media, marketing vision and planning.
• Preliminary and marketing projects – consultation and contacts in different business and society fields. Expanding and developing hotels and tourist products.
• Online e-shop – beautiful and unique presents – right here, right now – made by order. Woodcrafts, paintings, drawings and other products of art, suitable for the interior of hotels, restaurants, bars or other public places.
• Web design – static and dynamic web pages for up-to-date presentation and advertisement in Internet. Programming, databases, flash and multimedia products with unique design.
• Bicycle rallies "Parallel Universe" – the biggest adventure mountain-bike races in Bulgaria. Unforgettable emotions, new meetings and much adrenalin with a smile.
• And more events, services, products ....... from Parallel Universe Ltd. and partners – www.parallelbg.com

"Parallel Universe" company is established on 13.05. 2002 by eng. Hristo Boyanov

A year before its establishment, was made an image advertising only by logo, kept to today. In the beginning of its development the firm took up with working out of projects, in the filed of experimental and applied physics. Some products were established, which found application in science and advertisement. Later the firm established projects for effective illumination and synchronization.

The company trains, consults an equip and took a basic participation at the strategy and at the publishing the first 4 issues of the national magazine "Tourism and Entertainment" and the first issue of the magazine for the Russian market "????? ? ????????".

Published also the first issue of a guide catalogue for the region of Plovdiv - "Business Leader". The firm worked out and was responsible for the advertisement of a lot corporative clients.

On 12th of June 2003 a club for mountain cycling and adventure "Nature tour" has been established by "Parallel Universe". Later it is renamed "Crooked spoke". "Crooked spoke" already has representatives in mountain resorts and towns in Bulgaria. The goal of these clubs is to contribute to bike - tourism in Bulgaria and to offer a more adventure product to the tour operators (agencies) and to tourists.

On the 22, 23 and 24th of May 2004 the company organized independently the first international mountain bike racing in Bulgaria "Parallel Universe - Rhodoppes 2004", in its base is situated the idea for establishment of a tradition and an international advertising strategy for bike tourism as an independent product and in a combination with other kinds of tourism. The competitions continue to develop more and more successfully and with a bigger awards fund and constantly increasing number of participants.

On the 5th of 2005 the manager of "Parallel Universe" established a new company "Parallel Universe" LTD. Both companies, now with bigger possibilities extend their activities and boost their equal logo into position. The conception for business development of both companies is orientated to intelligent and educated people with comparatively high social status and to the young audience, for which it has been ascertained, that it has become wrapped in - that means that it can address messages to other groups.

On the 10th of January is the birth date of the close business club for PR and advertisement - "PROFIT club". The club - "Parallel Universe" LTD property has its basic purpose to create a close business society, where each member can find out his future partners and clients. Another purpose of the club is to provide its patrons products and services on preferential terms. Another of the "PROFIT club" purposes is to contribute to setting up the proper strategy for that: How and in what to invest the members of the club, in order to win and keep their clients, to implement their ideas and plans in the fastest and most honest way with a maximum opposite result, also to pick out their target group and to use the demographic characteristics for gaining market positions.

A product of "PROFIT club" is the specialized business catalogue "PR effect" with a limited circulation. It is addressed to strictly defined target group. The readers of the business catalogue, who take great interest in the published themes, are people from the high - ranking management level, who show a balanced attitude between intentions and permanently formed habits.

Parallel Universe Ltd. takes the helm of the basic activities of both firms at the moment .It has some departments and offers: Full advertising services, creating conceptions and marketing strategies, organization and conducting specialized mass and individual activities, a specialized tourism, some trade activities with precisely defined target group, works of art by order and the organization of still traditional for Bulgaria international mountain bike competitions Bike enduro "Parallel Universe"

The team of "Parallel Universe" is adaptable and dynamic, with solid knowledge in different spheres. An original generator of new ideas and projects for realization on the Bulgarian and International market. One of the future goals of the companies is to establish a tourist complex by a completely now project, and investment in the steady development of the alternative tourism in Bulgaria and establishment necessities in this field.

Of course the companies keep working successfully also with their old partners and creating new different spheres in business and society. More about the firms "Parallel Universe', their ideas and their future projects you can learn from this web site or in a talk with their manager Hristo Boyanov over a glass of red wine or over a glass of malt whisky . J .

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